Hello, I am Hadiel Bey, a Mortgage Loan Originator licensed to provide mortgages in Pennsylvania. I pride myself on my reputation and referral base I have built after guiding countless home owners through the home buying, and mortgage refinance process. I am a dedicated hard working individual that always has all of my clients' best interests in mind. I am also driven to meet time lines and expectations in advance for all parties involved.

My approach to helping buyers is to act as their trusted advisor. I like to make sure my buyers are as educated as possible, and make sure they know what to expect from the beginning, and every step of the way. I also like to disclose all options available to each buyer and after fully educating them, I allow them to pick which option they would like.

I also pride myself on communication, not just with the buyers but all parties involved from lawyers, to buyers agents, to listing agents as well! Every week all parties involved will either get an email or a phone call from me based on their desired preference with an update on the status of the mortgage so everyone is on the same page. This allows the transaction to move as smoothly as possible which is always my top goal!